Rhetorik auf Englisch

Vocabulary enlargement: Synonyms and phrases are examined to give students other ways of saying what they want to.

Grammatical accuracy: Feedback is provided about all the mistakes customers make when using the tenses, singulars and plurals, adverbs, degrees of comparison, sentence order etc.

Pronunciation: Incorrect pronunciation is always corrected.

Style: More stylistically impressive or diplomatic ways of phrasing sentences are found.

Logical content: Any contradiction, ambiguity and repetition which may make the presenter seem less logical in their non-native tongue are eradicated.

All the aforementioned areas are worked on by answering questions (question formulation is also an important skill for our clients to have) and delivering work-related presentations. Obviously, the student may (and should) choose the topic for conversation or presentation to ensure interest in the thematic focus of the lessons.