Macoratti Marco

Project Manager in Commercial Excellence

Because of her personality, Tatjana created immediately an open, energetic and collaborative spirit in the team. I enjoyed her teaching style, in particular the straight-to-the-core approach, linked with exercises and immediate feedback.

Her feedback was well addressed to the person, showing excellent sensitivity of the individual strengths and needs.

It is a great learning environment to quickly challenge your own beliefs of effective communication you have used so far!

The next day, I have applied the pocket rhetoric and direct communication when I needed to agree on a coaching plan for a team-member. The expectations were immediately clear. I also used the logic chain in a review session with a team-member to challenge his assumptions and conclusions. It saved us from arguing and brought a lot of clarity. Now, I have incorporated them in my day-to-day communication style, and I look forward to the positive momentum these powerful insights will generate!