24. Januar 2018 von Tatjana Lackner, MBA

I first became aware of the school through a recommendation by our morning moderator Sylvia Saringer. Since my initial meeting with Tatjana where I outlined the requirements of Antenne Mix 102.5 our relationship has blossomed and I am very happy with the association.
Probably the best benefit for Antenne is Tatjana’s understanding of our place in the growing radio market in Vienna. We have a lot of „raw“ talent at the station and it is essential that the up and coming stars of Austrian radio are given the opportunity to expand their experiences and knowledge.
THE SCHULE DES SPRECHENS is a vital tool in the learning curve and development of our moderation and redaktion-departments. I have to say that the results speak for themselves. Of all 12 Antenne staff that have attended the school I have only had positive feedback and praise for their classes. I have noticed a considerable improvement in all our on-air staff and the investment (our company has made) is certainly returning results. The discipline of the school and it’s professionalism is certainly world class.

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